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Our Governance and Management Team

Dr Abdul Nishar, Secretary and Trustee
Dr Abdul Nishar

Abdul is of Indian descent, born in the Fiji islands. After living in Auckland and Northland, Abdul currently works and lives in Taupo with his wife Zaira and daughter Aiza.

Abdul is a geospatial scientist with more than 10 years’ experience in the energy sector. His experience spans from resources and data optimisation programmes, planning, stakeholder engagement and communication, change management and leadership, strategic and project management.

He is a passionate kiwi and soon to be sworn-in as a Justice of Peace. Abdul is very active in the community and works closely with community servicing organizations to organize and participate in fund raising and other initiatives.

Dr. Ngaire Phillips, Chairperson
Dr. Ngaire Phillips

I am originally from South Auckland (Papakura) but spent much of my childhood and early adulthood moving around. I returned to New Zealand in 2003, after spending 14 years in Brisbane, where I completed my PhD. I live in Hamilton with my husband Richard and various pets.

I am an environmental scientist with more than 25 years’ experience in scientific consultancy, research, management, education and government roles in New Zealand and Australia. I am currently co-owner/director of a private environmental consulting company. My interest in social justice has led to support and governance roles in a number of “for purpose” organisations, where my broad skills and my knowledge base have proven valuable. In my spare time, I'm a keen organic gardener, re-purposer and re-cycler, as well as an artist. I am also aBoard member of Dress for Success Hamilton.

Michael Holloway, Manager
Michael Holloway

I am a married man with 6 children. I am a survivor and have worked in various ways with people for 35 years. I love sports and have had a go at most but favoured rugby, cricket and surfing. Of late I follow the kids. Recreation to me is listening to music or mucking with a guitar. I have worked in factories, freezing works, forestry. Police Force, Prison Service and now manage the Male Survivors Trust. I have just recently completed a Grad Diploma in Not for Profit Management.

I am always saddened by the amount of sexual abuse there is on our young men and the impacts it has to their lives which ultimately affects entire communities. There is little support for males and little understanding. With the support of the Trust I aim to make changes to this and make sure our male survivors are heard, represented and allowed to address their needs in a safe and supportive environment.

Pat Davis, Trustee
Pat Davis

Pat has had a long association with MSS Waikato, being a volunteer for some years. He is currently the Waikato Area Coordinator for Grandparents Raising Grandchildre, a charitable trust that provides support to more than 7000 grandparents who care for more than 12,000 children throughout New Zealand. Pat brings to the Board considerable experience in the business sector, having owned a drape business for more than 20 years.

Raav Kloosterman, Trustee
Raav Kloosterman

Raav is currently studying at Waikato University, having just completed a Bachelor of Communication Studies Majoring in Marketing through the Business Management School. He is currently studying in Psychology with the hope of one day being a counsellor and believes that he has a lot to offer in this field. Raav brings to the Board skills not only from a psychological field but also a business and marketing background. He offers a youthful perspective, with creative and energetic ideas that bring insight and a unique approach to assisting the organisation.

Tom Moke, Kaumatua
Tom Moke

I hail from Kawhia and am of Ngati Mahuta and Ngati Hikairoa descent. I was educated in Wellington and attended Victoria University. My  professional background began and continued for some 17 years in the electrical engineering sector  with international  companies, GEC and Mitsubishi Electric working in NZ and overseas, and as a partner in an engineering systems consultancy based in Wellington.

In 1988 I returned home and became the establishing CEO of The Maniapoto Maori Trust Board. In 1989 I became CEO Tainui Maori Trust Board and a negotiator alongside Sir Robert Mahuta for the Waikato Raupatu Land Settlement with the Crown. In 1998 I opted to go overseas, retuning in 2004. Since that time I have worked as a contracted facilitator and cultural adviser to the previous Ministers of Maori Affairs and Minister for the Office of Treaty Settlements.

Currently I fulfil similar roles for the Ministry of Justice OTS, and the Office of The Minister of Treaty Settlements

I am involved in community activities largely as it relates to Maori issues.  My experience in the field of abuse is limited however having seen first-hand the effects of such abuse and the good work of MSSAT I am happy to contribute whenever I can and wherever my experience may be of assistance.