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Male Support Services appreciates your support by becoming a friend of the Trust.

When someone is treated like a piece of dirt, especially if they are a child – it is heart breaking, it has serious impacts. Here at Male Survivors Trust we do not believe that it is fair or reasonable that victims carry the financial burdens of coming to terms with and moving beyond these moments of devastation. If we want safer, healthier and happier communities, as a community we need to carry those broken hearts until they can carry themselves.

By becoming a ‘Friend of the Trust’ you are helping support us and have the intention of offering us a donation. 

There are two options available, both less than the price of coffee once a fortnight.

Option 1: Setting up an automatic payment of $2 a fortnight to The Trusts bank account Westpac 03-1559-0113705-000

Option 2: A $20 donation once a year. You would be notified by e mail when this was needed, normally April each year and the donation would be made to the same account.

We are happy to provide receipts.

The funding would be targeted to the most urgent area at the time.

Your donation can be kept confidential if preferable.

Please fill out the following:

(Please note your e mail will not be used for anything other than contact once a year)

Thank you for your support both from myself, Trust Board Members and the 100’s of boys and men we work with.

Mike Holloway