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Bruce Montgomery​

Counsellor - ACC registered

Bruce Montgomery spent most of his life living and working in Nelson where he trained in advanced psychodrama, psychodynamic counselling, Family Therapy, Historical Childhood Sexual Abuse and Traumatic Recovery Counselling.

He is a full member of New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC). Bruce is also an ACC registered counsellor providing trauma recovery therapy. He facilitates postive change by taking a systemic view of the dynamic being demonstrated between Family/whanau, intimate partner and individual relationships. Like many of the other providers at Male Support Services he loves to go fishing!

Bryce Diprose

Counsellor - ACC registered

B. Counselling (Applied), PGCert. Supervision, MNZAC, ACC Registered

Bryce is an experienced Counsellor, a father to three adult children. Bryce enjoyed a career in the farming industry prior to training as a counsellor. Bryce is passionate about working with people who have experiences of trauma.

Bryce is patient and kind, he is skilled and able to work with issues in a variety of ways using skills acquired over many years of counselling. Relationships issues and depression are of special interest to Bryce. 

Glenn Walker

Counsellor - ACC registered

Glenn has worked as Counsellor since 2002. He has worked with Taumarunui counselling, Otorohanga, counselling services, in schools, general counselling and sensitive claims, abuse etc. Glenn has worked with three Dual Diagnosis client support agencies over the past 16 years with a 6-month appointment as a Service Delivery Manager in a dual diagnosis. His interests professionally are wellness for personal, community, and growth. Glenn’s practice is underpinned with a Client Centred/Te Whare Tapa Wha approach with a focus on working alongside people in their endeavours to become who they really want to become.Glenn uses therapies such as sand tray and puppets, EFT and IDT when appropriate, assisting clients to focus more deeply on their person requirements for growth. Cognitive Behavioural, Solution focussed, and Gestalt therapy, combined with deepening therapies are the overriding approaches for matching the client to their needs are implemented when and where they are of use to client growth and/or understanding.

Respect for individuality is paramount in his practice. Glenn works with all people of all ages from all walks of life, genders and cultures with an approach which treasures “unconditional positive regard”. Some of the issues Glenn works with are depression, anxiety, grief and loss, self-exploration, trauma, all forms of abuse, anger, self-esteem, life coaching, and alcohol and drug assessment with treatment planning focus as well as an understanding of how to work with clients with pervasive disorders. Personal Growth is his primary objective for his clients. Glenn’s approach is all clients will be assisted to the best of his ability. Glenn is happy to refer to other professionals as maybe necessary for clients’ wellbeing. As trauma and abuse are often driving clients difficulties Glenn has a major interest in the therapy required in this field to assist people to live more comfortably with the past; being able to move toward a productive happy future more readily.


  • Dip Counselling WINTEC.
  • Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences WINTEC (Counselling).
  • Advanced Cert.
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs WELTEC.
  • Cert N.L.P.
  • A.H.T.I. (Auckland). Dual diagnosis
  • Training (CLT Hamilton).
  • Intellectual disability training (CLT Hamilton).
  • Idea services training. IDT; 1 & 2, Cert; Family Therapy 123, cert Abuse & Recovery HD&T, Meditation; HD&T.
  • Weight management & Body images; Judy Lightstone

As well as several short courses in understanding and coping with diagnosable mental health difficulties. Level 2 support cert plus multiple short courses in supporting people with impeding disabilities Registered with EAP services and Victim support.

Professional Affiliation:

  • Glenn is a full Member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC). 

Kim Fluhler

Counsellor - ACC registered

My early years as a child were in the Horowhenua region where my Father was the youth aid officer for the Police. My love of the beach and the river as a child are still with me today where I love to swim and fish. I now live in Hamilton, have three adult children and four grandchildren. I have been counselling for 5 years and hold a Bachelor of Counselling and ACC accreditation and am a victim support counsellor. Abuse and trauma change the way the brain functions and I am committed to ongoing training and research so I can best support those in pain.

My foundational belief is in the power of relationship to heal, “sexual abuse happens in isolation and healing happens in relationship”. My passion is to walk with survivors on their journey creating a collaborative approach where they feel safe, accepted, listened to and supported. 

Moalia (Mo) Lattimore


A recent graduate of the University of Waikato Master of Counselling programme, Mo has been with us since 2015. Initially within an administration co-ordination role. In 2016, Mo has taken up working alongside some of our clients in the counselling role as one of our non-ACC counsellors. 

Pete Westbury

Counselling, coaching and consultancy

I would describe myself a fairly typical kiwi guy; have always been into sports, music, outdoor stuff, and ‘toys’. I am a father, a son, a brother, and a mate, who recognises that sometimes we just need to acknowledge some of the crap that we go through.

Through my own life experiences, and since beginning my counselling training in the mid ’90s, I have recognised the distinct lack of professional help tailored specifically for men. Added to that was the challenge for guys to open up and talk about stuff, which just wasn’t considered cool.

We see time and again the results of ‘real men’ who bottle stuff up until it explodes – or implodes. Violence, depression, drugs, and stress; it’s not easy keeping some of this stuff hidden away.

Seeking professional help is not an easy thing to do either when you’re a bloke but getting through those dark times is something made so much easier with the help of a therapist. And where does a bloke find such a service For more info refer to my site: 

Ron Cronin-Lampe

Counsellor - ACC registered

Ron is an experienced and skilled counsellor, mediator, supervisor, trainer and celebrant with an established private practice in Hamilton. He has over 20 years’ experience assisting people to make meaning of their personal and relational issues.

Ron has specialised in the area of family and relationship conflict, ACC counseling, mediation and dispute resolution work. He has trained and practiced in areas such as education, government agencies, corporate and private workplaces, neighborhood’s and in broader community contexts.

Ron is an Associate and Mediation member of AMINZ. He is also a member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC). He brings together a unique blend of professional skills with passion, perception and warmth. Respect for those he works with and determination to assist people find solutions to the problems that render them powerless, underpin Ron’s motivation as a counsellor/trainer/ mediator. 

Robert Jenkinson

Counsellor - ACC registered

I have been counselling for over 20 years and I have worked in many agencies in Hamilton. I am currently in private practice seeing clients, supervising other counsellors and tutoring at Vision College on trauma and abuse.

I began working with men who were survivors of sexual abuse when I was the coordinator of a sex offender rehabilitation programme and there I realised that there were virtually no services for men. I am about to start working with men who have been sexually abused who are currently in prison.

I believe that socially seeing men only as offenders and not victims has hugely hidden much abuse of men both by other men as well as women. Also my experience has shown that behind much imprisonment of men are hidden issues of abuse which often they have told no-one about. My passion is to see that all men who have been abused get the support they need and to live active and fulfilled lives.

Professional Qualifications:

  • M.Ed. (Counselling) B.Ed. (Hons),
  • Teaching Diploma, Advan. Cert. in Professional Supervision ,
  • Cert. In Child Protection Studies,
  • Cert. Grief Care, Further Prof., Studies Cert. Education.
  • MNZAC.

Shelley Walker

Counsellor - ACC registered

I have been working in the Social Service Sector for nearly fifteen years. My current work includes managing the Central Hub for Autism New Zealand and I also have a part time Counselling Practice.

My counselling work includes working with people through trauma, depression, stress, anxiety, change, goal setting, anger, self-esteem, grief/loss, communication and motivation.

I am also on the Membership Committee for the New Zealand Association of Counsellors. We meet every quarter and help support the association with necessary changes moving forward. This includes policies and procedures, the processes for membership and any other concerns internally and externally connected to the association.

In my practice I use a mix of counselling modalities to meet the needs of my client. It is an honour to walk someone’s personal journey with them and provide support through a difficult time in their life.

Trish Dempsey

Counsellor - ACC registered

Coming soon!

Clinical Psychologist

Kirsty Dempster-Rivett

Clinical Psychologist - ACC registered

Hi my name is Kirsty Dempster-Rivett and I am a Clinical Psychologist.

I have been a supporter of MSSAT since it first began and am honoured to provide ongoing support for this important, and much needed, area of men’s wellbeing.

Matthew Manderson

Clinical Psychologist - ACC registered

Matthew is a clinical psychologist and the director of Talkingpoint, a clinical psychology practice located in New Plymouth New Zealand.

Since 2009 Matthew has been involved in the assessment of mental injury arising from both physical accidents. He is an avid follower of research in these areas and is conducting his own research into how best to assess mental injury in a reliable, valid and consistent manner.

Outside of work Matthew enjoys golf, running, gardening and the odd bit of DIY. 

Social work service providers

Lynda Dickson

Social work service provider ACC registered

Insight Solutions (NZ) Limited
Registered Social Work Service provider
027 4512 500

I have recently created my own company to provide social services in the Waikato. I am a qualified social work supervisor of Maori decent, specializing in community based social service practice. I am able to offer;

  • support with practice, administrative and professional skills
  • Professional Supervision
  • ACC ISSC registered Social Work

Current APC, ANZASW member, Diploma in Child Protection Studies, Professional Supervision for NGO Providers, Diploma in Social Work
CCSW, Full NZ Drivers Licence holder, Workplace First Aid Certified. 

Client Liaison

Stewart (Stew) Best

Client Liaison

Stewart brings many years experience of social work and counseling for blokes to his role with Male Support Services Waikato.

He is a keen fisherman and spends his spare time mucking about with an old house and spending time with family.

Groups Facilitator

Steve Rickard

Groups Facilitator

I’m in my late fifties, self-employed tradie. I have had a lifelong personal journey dealing with a wide variety of challenges. From very low self-esteem and confidence, failed relationships, isolation and loneliness, identity issues (who am I and where do I fit?), chronic depression and everything else in-between.

I have a strong passion to support men of all ages. To use my own experiences and to help and bring hope wherever it is needed. 


Mike Holloway

Administrative Team

Manager, bossman and all round good guy. Does the dishes and talks to people. Makes sure the place runs and we don’t all become homeless.

Mo Lattimore

Administrative Team

Administrator and other stuff,  including IT (when forced to) invoicing and counselling.

Trish Davis

Administrative Team

VIP of Invoicing and other stuff, including typing up documents and making them look good.