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Ron Cronin-Lampe

Ron is an experienced and skilled counsellor, mediator, supervisor, trainer and celebrant with an established private practice in Hamilton. He has over 20 years’ experience assisting people to make meaning of their personal and relational issues.

Ron has specialised in the area of family and relationship conflict, ACC counseling, mediation and dispute resolution work. He has trained and practiced in areas such as education, government agencies, corporate and private workplaces, neighborhood’s and in broader community contexts.

Ron is an Associate and Mediation member of AMINZ. He is also a member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC). He brings together a unique blend of professional skills with passion, perception and warmth. Respect for those he works with and determination to assist people find solutions to the problems that render them powerless, underpin Ron’s motivation as a counsellor/trainer/ mediator


Robert Jenkinson

I have been counselling for over 20 years and I have worked in many agencies in Hamilton. I am currently in private practice seeing clients, supervising other counsellors and tutoring at Vision College on trauma and abuse. I began working with men who were survivors of sexual abuse when I was the coordinator of a sex offender rehabilitation programme and there I realised that there were virtually no services for men. I am about to start working with men who have been sexually abused who are currently in prison. I believe that socially seeing men only as offenders and not victims has hugely hidden much abuse of men both by other men as well as women. Also my experience has shown that behind much imprisonment of men are hidden issues of abuse which often they have told no-one about. My passion is to see that all men who have been abused get the support they need and to live active and fulfilled lives.  

Professional Qualifications:

M.Ed. (Counselling) B.Ed. (Hons), Teaching Diploma, Advan. Cert. in Professional Supervision ,Cert. In Child Protection Studies , Cert. Grief Care , Further Prof. Studies Cert. Education. MNZAC. DAPAANZ.